HOMELogistics ServicesAgency for Trade

On behalf of your company, we will act as your company's trade department.

Our trade agency business is on behalf of import / export business of new or established dealer
(exporter or importer).
In case of trading documents, even you can not smoothly perform operations unless a help of professional
experience and knowledge.
In case of transportation kind, we will select the optimum method to transport the freight among ship, airplane, and
international courier. .
Of course, if your contractor is nominated.

Export Agencies

Trade agency business is carried in established or new exporting area.

The creation of trade documents
   (Invoice, Packing List, Shipping Instruction, etc…)
We will check and book the shipping schedule of
   (air or sea on behalf of your company.
Contract of marine insurance

Import Agencies

Also agency business of importing goods from established or new dealer (exporter or importer) abroad is conducted.
Agency Fees & all the cost of importing will be charged as well.
Please let us know if you have another need.


Contract of marine insurance
Checking the documents which are needed to import and the imported freight.
    (Packing list, commercial invoice, and B/L)
Requesting to take over the freight of ship, airplane, and international courier.
After confirmation of delivery to the designated place or ready to fetch instructions.
Paperwork of logistics of imported or exported goods (including some communication) will be written on
     behalf of your company.

Additional Options

Local telecommunications services, except for trade with the logistics
Such as deposit or payment services (banking, L / C, etc.)

Outsourcing of Trade

On behalf of your company, we will act as your company's trade department.
As your overseas office will be conducting business with overseas client.
Our fees are subject to a certain amount of the invoice amount.

Import and export business(The creation of trade documents and communications with local)

Trade agency for export and import documents relating to the creation and communication with the business is local.

Communication with overseas
Export and import trade business
Deposit and payment service (For details, consult us for point)
From marketing to sales abroad
The selection of products expected from the international marketing

Foreign-oriented sales representative

In order to sell your foreign-oriented products overseas, our overseas-oriented representative is acting as a
The Executive Agency and, in principle, before starting work is necessary to have an agency contract.

After we deal with a domestic product, we export the product to overseas markets.
We provide the supplemental response to inquiries from overseas.
Investigation in order to provide you with information about trading partners
Among our readers develop new customers in the international marketing

Market Research

・ To investigate overseas before trading with foreign countries
・ To investigate overseas fashion.

・ To investigate overseas fashion
・ Market research (manufacturing and cost, etc)
・ About companies and organizations
  (collect and investigate the formally published data and sentence, etc)
・ About Countries (collect the formally published data and sentence, etc)
・ People Survey (directory or the information is sold generally, etc)
・ Event (Date place, place the content, how to participate, and taking
  pictures of the event, etc)
In addition, we will survey the further information which the client would like.

To find and to introduce a factory of desired goods in overseas.

・ To want to directly deal with overseas factory which products goods.
・ To be looking for a factory which control quality and manage well.
・ Such as the above, we find and introduce a factory that clients hope

Trade Support

Interpretation and translation services(English, Korean, Chinese)
Accompanied by an overseas business trip

Business Achievements

Export business

Exporting Countries:South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia

Import business

Importing Countries : China, South Korea, Canada, Singapore, Vietnam

Progress of trading

Pioneering of new markets

In mature industries, the domestic market is saturated and significant growth can not forecast.
Pioneering of new markets In mature industries, the domestic market is saturated and significant growth can not
If you want to increase the sales volume in the future, you have to be interested in new market in overseas.

The sales volume is increased by pioneering of new overseas markets

Now companies must have been grown.
Now we can’t expect a big expansion in the domestic market, if you want to jump, you can not help being interested
in overseas markets.

The time was ripe for developing product for the sale in the cross-cultural.

Although It is quite difficult to work out of selling to overseas markets, In the cross-cultural, product development
and marketing strategies, etc. will be going to be positive on the other side.

In overseas sales, the increasing prominence of goods

The sold products in South Korea as well as overseas markets increase the brand image of your company’s product.
Conversely, This will be a credit to consumers in Korean market and be connected with the increasing sales.

The flow of trade business

Marketing Research

The company which wants to export sales to overseas customers investigates and selects the possible company
to find out an expected client.


Above all, the first phase of the trade will start from an offer.
After the marketing research, your products will be introduced to the expected clients and to s sent to customers by
the catalog, telephone, e-mail, or fax and the possibility of trading will be investigated gradually.


The company received a offer sends a counteroffer to obtain more information about interesting product in their
lines, the price conditions, and other terms.
In general, offers and counter offers will be repeatedly exchanged between the parties to fill the each of the
conditions. The main conditions include the following. There are product information, quality, delivery, order quantity, price, payment terms, and inspection, etc. Importer may request the samples depending on the need. And in some
cases, tour at the local plant and a credit investigation is conducted.


When getting to a final agreement (Contract), places an order through the firm offer.
The contract conditions will be changed on the selected and made decision.

Negotiate with invisible opponents in overseas

Negotiate with invisible opponents in overseas.
In domestic, we can directly visit providers and discuss a business with them, but if overseas is not simple.
In addition, the following disorders also occur.

The troublesome of trading business

There are the professional jargon, unique way of trading, and the rules to be based on international law.
Who wants to trade with overseas party needs to skilled experiences to understand the rules and do well.

Flows of export and import