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To meet your needs, the freight will be transported quickly and safely.

Air Transportation is a fast and safe service which is done by airplane or cargo plane.
Air transportation is suitable for urgent goods.

Air Way Bill

Air Way Bill called Master Air Way Bill is issued by airline, while House Air Way Bill is issued by Forwarder Both Air
Way Bill and House Way Bill are the documentary evidence to show the conclusion of the contract between shipper
and consignor (forwarder is considered as a contracted legal carrier).

Freight Charge

Freight has an inclination of dismissing weight, so the larger a cargo becomes, the lower the applied rate becomes.
Basic rate is set about 45kg and over, 100kg and over, 300kg and over, 500kg and over according to the weight.
Weight which is the basis for figuring freight is Gross Weight and Volume Weight. The larger one among weight
converted 6000 cubic centimeters into 1kg and Gross Weight is applied for figuring freight.
Example) Gross Weight 10 KG // size 50cmx50cmx30cm
Volume Weight 50x50x30÷6000=12.5kg
※ Reckoning 0.5kg and less as 0.5kg and reckoning 0.5kg and over as a 1kg.
In addition to it, handled fractions are to three decimal places.

Likewise, in case of volume weight (12.5kg) is larger than gross weight (10kg), chargeable weight use the volume
weight (12.5kg). The above is the basic fact of figuring freight. Please feel free to contact us to ask us the detailed
freight charge.

Shipping of dangerous goods

In case of shipping of dangerous goods or hazardous materials, we follow the rules which are provided by
International Civil Aviation Law, enforcement regulation, and IATA(International Air Transport Association).
According to the related Aviation laws and regulations, the shipping of dangerous goods, also called hazardous
materials which cannot transport in principle can be transported for a case which is satisfied with the certain