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Name[Korean, English] ‘em Ex) Yokohama Hanako
E-mail Address ‘en Ex) ipc@i-pride.com
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Sure whether it is wrong, please double check.
Zip Code EX) 231-0023
EX) 神奈川県横浜市中区山下町162-1 2F
Telephone Number EX) 045-227-7970
Fax Number EX) 045-227-7972
Visiting and quoting day
when you hope
at about    EX) 2010-03-01
※ Visit for quotation in three days.
The scheduled date
of moving
at about   EX) 2010-04-01
How to transport Sea  Flight Undecided
How to contact E-mail   Telephone  FAX   
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Types of Housing
Ex) Detached House third floor or Mansion second floor (with elevators)
Desired service※ Room to Room        Door to Door          Port to Port
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Zip Code

Detailed moving items
※Possession of a quantity of your item, please note.
Please note things which are not on the list on the other great stuff.
wardrobe (large) refrigerator (large)
wardrobe (medium) refrigerator (medium)
wardrobe (small) refrigerator (small)
bed (double) laptop computer
bed (single) desktop computer
cupboard shelf (large)


cupboard shelf (large))

Television (37’)
cupboard shelf (small) Television (29’-33’)
table (6 people) Television (25’)
table (4 people) Television (19’-21’)
table (2 people) Television (14’-16’)
coffee table) vacuum
computer desk
&chair set
air conditioner
dressing table
with a large mirror
washing machine
bookcase (Large) closet
bookcase (medium) kotatsu
bookcase (small) power transformer
sofa (3 people) cassette
sofa (2 people) electric rice cooker
sofa (1 people) video
The other great stuff
Small stuff
(stuff goes in the box)
Carton box box(es) Ex) 20 boxes
In addition, the service
you wish, write a note.