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Prohibited imports items

Importing the goods is prohibited by law is as follows.
Drugs, marijuana, stimulants, cocaine, heroin, etc.
Handguns and handgun parts and ammunition
Currency or securities forgery, counterfeit credit cards, forgery, and counterfeit, etc.
Items that may be harmful to public security or the custom (X-rated magazines, videos, DVD, etc.)
Goods to infringe intellectual property rights (counterfeit, pirated, fake brand goods)
The products and its packages to use the specific plant and animal as raw materials prescribed
     by the law of the Prevention of Livestock Epidemics and Plants, etc.

Restriction goods of Import

Restrictions on imports by the International Trade Law (* Washington Treaty) about wildlife in danger of
extinction is applied to live animals and plants as well as to products which is made of these live animals and
plants. For example, If you import the goods in the Washington Treaty such as ivory, reptile leather, coral, etc. you need the export licenses to be issued by the certain government agencies in the exporting country.
The customs authority that can clear customs the goods is limited.
In case of plants and animals, must be sure to take the customs inspection and quarantine before customs
You must obtain permission of the patent the Public Safety Committee for Sword (15cm and above),
air guns, etc.
Because the export and import of rough diamonds of the Negative acquisition are regulated, import and export
control measures by Kimberly - process the certification system are carried out from January 2003 is 10.
Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, etc. also have been permitted the limited quantities for only private importers.