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Musical instruments

When applying the insurance, the value of the goods you have is for the amount of insurance.

Calculation of the amount of insurance

When applying for moving, after taking a note the quantity and the price of each item on the invoice,
The insurance will be contracted..

Incase of overseas moving cargo, it has been used some degree,
so you have to declare not the purchase price but a pre-owned price as the invoice price of insurance.
Cash or securities can’t be insured.

Insurance Range

Insurance Range is applied from since the moving cargo has been taken out of the current home to
when it arrives at the new residence in overseas (the destination).
Local destinations, stored in a warehouse in the Customer if the circumstances warrant, when he was
brought into the storage room to apply. (Kept separate from the above destinations, insurance is required.)

Determination method of insurance payments

Repair cost of repairable items (quotes, receipts need to be attached)
The compensation for the same things (considerations of market price)
If unable to repair or reconstruct the things, amount of insurance prices (invoice amount) is paid.
Payments shall be a minimum of above 1, 2 and 3.

Insurance exclusion

Loss and damaged of data which is preserved such as a hard disk.
Electrical and mechanical failure of precision machinery such as computers.
The loss of musical instruments from the outside shock or loss of coordination during transportation